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We have inherited years of experience
of the wine making process in La Rioja.

We guide our grapes through the fascinating and natural process of wine making, which starts in the vineyard and produces its own personality, which can clearly be seen in our wide range of high quality wines.


Bodegas Sáenz de Santamaría was founded in 1993, the inheritor of the combined knowledge of several generations of families dedicated to vine cultivation and the wine making process.

The Winery is made up of a total area of 2,900m2 which are divided into 3 different zones:

  • Reception area Where the grapes are taken in and the wine is fermented. This area has a capacity of 1.2 million litres.
  • Barrel /cellar with 1,800 barrels of America and French oak, and the bottle storage where wine is aged in bottle.
  • Bottling plant and packaging store.

The entrance gate to the winery, can be seen as the symbolic image on the labels of our wine bottles.


The quality of our wines has been demonstrated in recent years with numerous national and international awards, and this is why we continue each and every day to bank on the tradition and good practice we have shown for generations.